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Must knit faster

Must knit faster - Quill by Jared Flood

I realised something in late September. It’s getting really nippy, especially in the evenings, and when it’s overcast.

I sent a link to my projects on Ravelry to a potential employer the other day (it seemed relevant at the time). Looking over them made me realise just how many of those projects are in Canada right now. It was summer when I moved to the UK, and I didn’t have very much space in my suitcase so I only packed for the season I was in. I left behind most of my warmest, bulkiest knits.

For many years I felt like I was always trying to catch up to the weather – like I couldn’t knit fast enough to get projects finished in time for me to be able to use them when I needed them most. I was always packing newly finished projects into plastic bags without wearing them. It was frustrating always starting projects only to have the seasons fly by without me having finished them.

I remember the fall a couple years ago where that changed. It was an amazing watershed moment where I’d finally reached the point of having knit enough things to be able to actually wear them during the season when I needed them. I realised one morning it as I was walking down the hill to the Skytrain on my way to work. It was cold out, but I was really comfortable.

I was comfortable because I was literally encased in wool garments that I had knit. And all that winter I was comfortable. It gave me so much satisfaction, knowing that I had finally accomplished that for myself.

But now winter is coming and I have no handknits. I guess I’ve got to start from scratch again.

Pictured above: Quill, by Jared Flood

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