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Quill, by Jared Flood

This is the first knitting project I started after moving to the UK, since due to lack of space, I had to leave all of my yarn and knitting supplies at home. I wanted it to be substantial enough for it to take a long time, yet easy enough that I could work on it without having to think much, since I had so many things to think about: finding a job, a place to live and dealing with the headaches and bureaucracy surrounding moving to another country. I also wanted something relatively simple in a creamy white colour to replace a similarly coloured pashmina that I seem to have lost while moving.

Quill by Jared Flood delivered. It’s been a great easy project for long train rides and episodes of Doctor Who. The feather and fan section got to be a bit of a slog after a while though so I was very glad when I finally got to the edging.

I’m going to come across as a heretic but I hate circular needles and I avoid them whenever I can. They were recommended for this project because the rows get so long and I don’t think I would have been able to get through it without them. But I ran into some issues at the beginning the edging section. It got very fiddly and my needles acquired a mind of their own and started twisting around.

In all likelihood this is because I use cheap circs and not the super expensive fancy ones that have nice flexible cables. I’m on a limited budget at the moment and I also need something to justify my hatred of circs.

I solved the issue by using a straight and a circ in tandem. Worked like a charm! The edging flew along after that.

I’m happy with the result and I think it will get a lot of wear this winter. I enjoyed it so much that I think I might eventually try out the multicolour option. I love the yarn too. It’s 100% British Alpaca from I Knit London, a satisfying mix of warm, squishy and drapey.

Progress pictures and needle and yarn info on Ravelry.

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