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Flax, round 2

community garden plot with plastic compost bin

I never managed to complete my blog series on my flax project earlier. The weather got cold and wet last fall which put an abrupt end to my flax processing explorations and the fall is always the busiest time of year for me at work, which tends to put a damper on a lot of things I’d rather be doing.

That’s alright though. There’s always time to try again! The flax stalks are bundled up in my parents’ garage awaiting processing later this year, and I’ve planted new flax. Two kinds this year: ‘Marilyn’ and ‘Regina’. It will be interesting to see the difference between them.

I acquired a community garden plot this year and so far the main outcome has been a marked increase in crop-failure related dreams. They say that gardening is a nice, wholesome activity, that spending time outside is good for your mental health. Tell that to my brain! It’s non-stop drought and famine. The reservoirs will dry up, the sun will beat down and my little seeds will fail to germinate, or the little seedlings will roast in their beds.

But in the midst of this life goes on. My flax has sprouted:

many tiny seedlings sprouting in soil

Some of this is not actually flax… I can’t tell yet, but there’s flax in there. I also have an onion:

baby onion seedling in soil

And chives, because chives just kind of seed themselves and grow and do their own thing regardless.

Take that, brain.

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